New Cards

New Cards

Posted by Louise Lockhart on 12th May 2020

I have a new card range out and thought I'd explain a bit about the ideas behind them, as well as thinking process. I have wanted to make an animal themed range for some time now, not least because they always seem popular. Since having a baby, I have noticed that many patterns on baby clothes depict animals and I like the idea of turning my pencil (scissors?) to more creature-based motifs. 

To loosen myself up, I began by ripping shapes from paper, rather than cutting them. I likes the wiggly line that this brings and adds a certain movement and energy to the pictures. Here is an elephant that I tried out.

I also revisited the shape of the very flat dog I made in a ceramics class (I just can't seem to make anything three-dimensional!) I love the simplicity of it. I'm always trying to make my work more simplified and stylised.

It seemed that the best way to unite these creatures and give them something extra, a bit of personality, was to have them wearing hats and shoes. I love drawing berets and boots! I tried out a range of animals wearing party hats like these crocs, but they weren't included in the end.

I would love to design some patterns for fabric and I think all these lessons I've learned from doing more animals will come in useful.

I was keen that these cards could work individually as well as together and have used a similar colour palette on each design, as well as pairing them with zingy neon envelopes that should hopefully make them jump off the shop shelf.

In this strange lockdown time people need cheering up and there's nothing like a ladybird wearing shoes to put a smile on your face, so I just hope that sending out these cards will share some joy and at least cheer up the postman in their bright envelopes.

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