What is The Printed Peanut and who is Louise Lockhart?

The Printed Peanut is a small business based in Yorkshire in the UK. It was started by illustrator Louise Lockhart in 2012 as a way of her applying her designs onto products. Read the full story here.


How much does shipping cost for each product?

The Printed Peanut will ship all over the world! Shipping is calculated by weight, no matter where you live. Please consult the Shippings & Returns page for all information.


When will my product arrive?

It depends on where you live, but all products are shipped within 1 working day, unless stated otherwise (some prints take up to 3 working days). All shipping is calculated by weight, no matter where you live. Please consult the Shippings & Returns page for all information.


Can I return my product?

We do hope that your are very happy with what you receive. If you are not then please get in touch immediately. Items can only be returned if they were purchased from this website. Please note, postage cannot be refunded and you will have to pay for the return postage. If you notice that your order is damaged, please do not accept the package and contact us straight away. Alternatively please photograph the damaged packaging, or send it back to us so we can see what went wrong.


How do I stock The Printed Peanut's products in my store?

The Printed Peanut would love to be in your shop! If you would like to stock The Printed Peanut's products or if you have any questions please email here. If possible, please include a link and some information about your shop or gallery.


Can I be an intern or get work experience with The Printed Peanut?

Sorry but currently there is no opening for work experience.


How do I apply my coupon code?

When you sign up to my newsletter you should get a coupon code for 10% off your next order.

You also get a coupon code on a postcard when you receive an order!

To apply your coupon code, go to your cart then click 'Add Coupon' on the right hand side, beneath the subtotal and shipping.


What i your Privacy Policy

When you place an order, you will be asked for your name, address, telephone number, and email address, which is needed to fulfill your order.
This information is used responsibly and we absolutely guarantee that your information will not be shared with any outside organisation or third party.

When you place an order here you will be automatically added to our newsletter mailing list. You can also sign up for our newsletter manually. You will only receive an email once a month and to inform you of special discounts and sales. You are able to unsubscribe automatically if you wish to do so.