Creative Digest

12th Dec 2014

A great big write up on Creative Digest

Having finally settled down a bit, since my return from Canada in October 2013, I have committed myself to working full time as a freelance illustrator and running my business The Printed Peanut. People think being a ‘professional Pass the Parcel maker’ must be a dream job, and it is, but it’s also hard work! I get up when I naturally wake up as I love my dreams too much to disturb them. Then I work all day long, usually at my desk but i often cycle into town to post things or buy bits. I don’t stop until I go to sleep around 11, I even make wire drawings in front of the TV. I need to learn how to stop, especially at weekends as every couple of months I just burn out and lie horizontal for 3 days watching French films. I’ve just bought an old mill that needs completely renovating and hopefully will be a home and a workplace one day!


I just love being able to draw and make pictures every day. It’s a skill that need practice in order to get better. I couldn’t improve enough when I was working in a shop part time. I work incredibly fast and I’m often doing three things at once. I love it when I get emails saying I’ve sold something through my online shop The Printed Peanut.

I’m passionate about getting kids to play games with their hands, rather than being glued to screens all the time. I hope I can make a range of games and toys that use their imagination and get them thinking creatively. I’d also love to collaborate with any like-minded people out there and create a range of beautiful objects for the home. I won’t stop until I’ve applied my drawings to every surface in the world!