Signed* My Big Book of the World's Greatest Art

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*SIGNED by illustrator Louise Lockhart* (not by the author)

From cave paintings to Banksy, this is a stylish, fun, and interactive book will teach kids about 10,000 years of art history.

This children’s book is the perfect stepping stone to a lifelong appreciation of art. Each major art period unfolds in a gently colored spread featuring famous artists and artworks while other spreads present specific scenes that incorporate details from the spreads to spot as a fun game. In this book, kids will learn how the earliest artists mixed pigments; how ancient civilizations worshiped their gods; how religion drove artistic efforts in the middle ages; and scientific discoveries inspired Renaissance painters and sculptors. They’ll observe artists playing key roles in revolutions both historic and cultural and they’ll visit a modern museum to see what today’s artists are creating. Packed with endless possibilities for learning, this book offers kids a new way to engage with and understand the art they experience every day.

Hardcover 32 x 23 cm - 48 pages.